GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version Anti Ban 2024

GBWhatsApp Pro APK

WhatsApp is a great app top that has changed the way people communicate. It has many features that help you to connect with your loved ones. You can see their status and see what they are doing right then. It helps you to know what’s going on in people’s lives because it is like watching a movie or reading a book but not just like it, better because you get to actually feel it since you are there with them while they do whatever they are doing. With GBWhatsApp Pro APK, you will get all these features that WhatsApp has yet some of its features are really good so that you will never be bothered with how it works when using WhatsApp again.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is a perfect choice. This application is highly compatible with most Android devices and it’s super easy to use. With this app, you can send free SMS to any part of the world. Also, you can send videos, audios and share images as many as you want.

More Info About GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is a modded version of the popular application WhatsApp. It has many features which are lacking in the original application. GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to set any name and photo on your profile which is not possible in the original apk of WhatsApp. This modded app also comes with auto-login feature, self-destruction timer, multiple accounts, and many other features.

GB WhatsApp Pro is the best way to connect with friends and family using Whatsapp features, but with added privacy and security. There are many benefits to upgrading to GBWA Pro.

GB Whatsapp 2023

GB WhatsApp is the mod version of WhatsApp and it gives you a number of amazing features. GB WhatsApp has a more user-friendly interface, more themes, and fonts than the official application. GB Whatsapp has powerful features like privacy and auto-responder, so you can personalise each experience and watch your business grow.


The GB WhatsApp Pro is one of the best apps that you can use for messaging on your phone. It provides a lot of features and facilities to its users that make it more effective than the normal WhatsApp. The interface is delicate and easy to use, you will get used to it in no time. The features available in this app make it stand out from others that are available on the market now days.

Faster transmission

GBWhatsApp Pro is among the best alternatives for WhatsApp , being available for Android and iOS devices. This application can be used on phones with a minimum of 1GB of RAM. In addition to sharing text messages and audio files, it also allows you to send images in bulk at once, which could lead to faster transmission times. If you want to increase your messaging limits or if you wish to have more privacy when using WhatsApp, then this software seems like the best option.

User-friendly Interface

There are many WhatsApp alternatives available but GBWhatsApp Pro is the best one. What makes this app different from other applications is its user-friendly nature as well as absence of any bugs and lagging. The app provides a great experience to users by letting them enjoy special functions such as voice calls, video calls, stickers and much more. Users can easily send or receive the contact numbers from various platforms with ease.

Instant messenger

GBWhatsApp Pro is an uncensored, unrestricted and unlimited instant messenger that lets you share files up to 100MB in size. With full support for group chats that can accommodate up to 100 people at a time, this app lets you stay in touch with your most important contacts and keep abreast of the latest news around you.

Make free calls

No need to worry about how and where you can make free calls, because GB WhatsApp brings the solution for all your communication needs. Be it family, friends or co-workers, this app helps you to connect with them by talking on the phone using your internet connection. It also allows you to send videos and images through chats with friends while they stay on your contacts list.

Additional privacy settings

GBWA Pro has privacy settings that are not available in the official application of WhatsApp. These settings allow you to indicate or to hide your online status, show or hide the blue and double check marks, typing status and much more. This can be a great way to protect your information from people who are trying to steal it.

Use themes to change your app layout

With the GBWhatsApp APK you can use themes to change your app layout. You get access to a growing number of themes, and can change the theme at any time. Themes are already preinstalled on our APK file and you can select any of them whenever you want. Please note that some themes will require root permissions to implement their changes, especially for ROMs with different launchers as well as custom ROMs.

Auto-reply feature

With the Auto-reply feature, you can set a schedule for when your friends will get a reply from you. You can also use this for promoting your Business by sending unlimited Bulk massages to any chat or Group. Additionally, if you want to reply to a specific message from someone, but you don’t want your friends to see it, then you can do so by tapping on that specific message and then deleting it from the conversation.

Do Not Disturb Mode

GBWhatsApp Pro APK is a feature rich version of the WhatsApp Messenger. It provides all basic features in a light package. This application has an in built Do Not Disturb Mode to avoid getting disturbed while using other applications on your Android phone.

Sometimes you just want a break and don’t want to be disturbed by Whatsapp messages. That’s why we created the DND feature. Disable the internet connection for GBWhatsapp Pro, and enjoy time for yourself.

App lock feature

The app lock feature allows you to protect your messages from being seen by anyone who has access to your phone or tablet. You can set up a PIN, Password, or Pattern to enter the app and access your messages. The app is designed so that anyone can use it easily, but keep in mind that the stronger two-factor authentication option (Pattern) might take a little longer.

Hide your status

Hide your status seen from your friends, with the click of a button. Not everyone wants everyone to know when they have checked their contact’s whatsapp status. Simply click the “Hide Seen icon” to conceal your actions from those whom you don’t want knowing that you have viewed their status!

Download status

Never miss a friend’s status again. If you’re friends with them, you’ll see their status with everything else in your feed. Download their statuses too! Just click on the download button and save it for later.

Turn off Blue Ticks feature

You can turn off the blue ticks that are appeared when you read a chat message or make reply to sender. With this feature, you can open anybody chat and read the message while the sender of text won’t even know that you did it. And in this process, you will feel more comfortable while chatting with this application.

Hide your last seen

Goodbye stalkers. You can quickly get rid of those that are always monitoring when you were last online. To save yourself from this hassle and hide your last seen, without having to go invisible.

Anti-Revoke messages

Don’t worry about people deleting their messages after they send them to you anymore. With this feature, all deleted messages will be saved in your inbox so that you can read them. Also, if the person who sent you a message deletes it too quickly after sending before it is delivered successfully, an alert will pop up on your screen so that you can have time to see what was written before it’s gone.

Schedule Ahead

Birthdays and other important dates can be scheduled ahead of time. This helps you avoid those embarrassing moments when a birthday has been forgotten, or worse yet, the moment when you forgot to congratulate a colleague or family member on their accomplishment.

Change the font style

Change the font style when chatting in WhatsApp. You can change the font of GBWhatsApp Pro APK to English and Arabic, or any other font stored on your mobile phone in addition to its original style. If you do not like the built-in font of Whatsapp, then you don’t need to look for other alternatives for it because GBWA has integrated many different fonts with excellent features.

Filter Messages feature

The GBWhatsApp Pro APK is formulated with the Filter Messages feature which provides the user with an option to clear chat, filter messages and much more. It has a Super Group and Broadcast feature that lets you create groups and broadcast media, voice messages or text messages to a selected group of contacts. Rewrote code in some areas, introduced push notifications and added Web Screens that may be used for business purposes as well.

Backup option

GBWA is more than a messaging app – it’s a simple way to send and receive text messages, photos, videos, audio messages, documents, voice notes and location. Whatsapp can also seamlessly integrate with your existing contact list and provide you with a secure backup option for the content you send through the service.

Send unlimited pictures

With this app, you can send up to 90 photos at once. Finally, it is easy for you to send your big music and video files to your friends and family.

Chat without saving the contact number

Gb Whatsapp Pro download allows us to chat without saving the contact number. Its very helpful for those who don’t want to save the contacts in their mobiles but still wants to talk with them. We can do that by using the same steps we use for saving contact of WhatsApp.

No Ads

GB WhatsApp Pro is a good app for getting rid of annoying ads in WhatsApp. The best part of the app is that you will get some extra features besides blocking the ads. The only drawback of this app is that it is available on Google Play Store with a price tag and if you want to use all its features then you have to pay for it. You can upgrade to GB WhatsApp Pro if you are willing to spend some amount of money on this app.

Final words

GB WhatsApp Pro is an awesome app which will allow you to do messaging in a new way. With this app, you can enjoy many additional features in your messaging that include sending pictures in high quality, send videos and other media files as well. You can also set a profile pic or use the contact list for making video calls directly to them and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GBWhatsApp Pro APK better than GBWhatsApp?

Yeah! GB WhatsApp Pro is better than GB WhatsApp. It has many more special features like unlimited WhatsApp Calling, send audios and videos, encrypted chat mode and image saving etc. Also the best thing about it is that there are no ads or inapp purchases. Download this app now and enjoy your chatting with this amazing messaging app.

Is GBWA Pro Safe?

The answer is yes, It is 100% Safe as it uses the original WhatsApp API to send messages and Calls. So There is no interference of any third person, and your Chats are safe. Also We Never Ask For Any Personal Information(like Phone Number Or Login Details) From Our Users.

Can I Download GBWA Status directly?

Yes, You Can Directly Download Anyone’s WhatsApp Status using GBWhatsApp. With this amazing tool, you can get even your friends’ latest WhatsApp status and easily save it to your mobile phone or computer. It provides you the real-time update of your friends’ statuses any time you want.

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