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What is BT WhatsApp APK?

BT WhatsApp APK is an altered form of the original WhatsApp. BT WhatsApp APK is an Android app that permits you to use a trio of WhatsApp accounts on a single gadget. It is improved by the identical group who altered the GB WhatsApp and shares numerous features with that app. However, there are a couple of essential distinctions between the two apps. Because BT WhatsApp is not on the Google Play Store, you must obtain it from a third-party site. In addition, like GB WhatsApp, BT WhatsApp is unable to support as many features or as frequent updates.

BT WhatsApp APK Download

BT WhatsApp APK features

BT WhatsApp can be utilized as an alternative to the regular WhatsApp application. It aids a lot of enhanced and altered features, making it a worthy application to use.

The following are characteristics of this app that will convince you to download this app on your gadget.

  • You can conceal your last-seen status
  • It provides you with the DND/airplane mode
  • It blocks your last seen
  • It permits you to transmit large media files
  • You can see the cats deleted by others
  • You can bring changes to the launcher icon
  • It aids translation of conversations
  • You can conceal media from the gallery
  • You can back up your record
  • You can sideswipe any conversation row left or right
  • You can customize the display by your choice
  • You can put the display picture as a wallpaper
  • You can make changes to the conversation entry style
  • You can alter the display of bubbles and tick
  • You can schedule your messages
  • It aids bomb messages
  • The Urdu language is provided
  • You can download the status of any contact
  • You can auto-reply
  • More than five thousand themes are provided
  • You can block calls for specific contacts
  • The theme selection can be altered
  • Supports 100+ languages
  • It provides new emojis
  • You can copy the text status of anyone on the clipboard

BT WhatsApp APK

Types of BT WhatsApp APK

 Blue BT WhatsApp

It is a replacement for the official WhatsApp application. You should probably have this app for keeping in touch with your friends and relatives. It has simple and easy usage, and you can even send texts from your computer. You can also share images and videos with your contacts, making it an excellent method to stay connected with loved ones. You can also log in using your BT ID if you ever need to approach your account from some other gadget.

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Pink BT2 WhatsApp

it is specially customized for females having a pink theme. The pink BT2 WhatsApp is a fantastic choice for keeping in touch with your pals and family. You can transmit and receive text messages with ease, as well as abolish voice and video conversations. You can likewise share pictures and videos with your contacts, granting you to keep everyone familiar. And, best of all, the pink BT2 WhatsApp is partly free to use.

Golden BT3 WhatsApp

This form is used by a number of people most commonly. It provides you with nearly the corresponding features of the above-mentioned alternatives.

Red BT4 WhatsApp

This software is extraordinary for keeping in touch with your friends and relatives without having to be afraid of high phone costs.

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Advantages of BT WhatsApp APK

  1. The BT WhatsApp app is identical to the original WhatsApp app but with some increased functionality.
  2. BT WhatsApp has the ability to handle two WhatsApp accounts on a single device. If you want to keep your personal and professional lives separate, this is helpful.
  3. BT WhatsApp allows you to personalize the app’s appearance to your liking. The WhatsApp application can be customized using this tool.
  4. The original WhatsApp app doesn’t have many privacy options, but BT WhatsApp gives you a choice to hide your online status, last seen, profile picture, and status message from selected people.

With BT WhatsApp, you can set messages to be sent automatically at a future date. This proves useful for happy birthday wishes or reminders. This app allows you to save copies of your conversations so that you may recover them later. This is useful because it may be used on a variety of phones.

Disadvantages of BT WhatsApp APK

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of the BT WhatsApp APK is that it is not available on Google Play. This means that people must manually install the program, which might be difficult for some.
  • Another disadvantage of the BT WhatsApp APK is that it lacks some capabilities available in the original WhatsApp app, such as video calling and voice messages.
  • Unlike the official app, BT WhatsApp APK is not updated often, which can cause trouble for the users to get the new updates.
  • BT WhatsApp APK requires users to grant permissions for a number of various projects, which could possibly lead to privacy concerns.

Privacy Policy

The BT WhatsApp privacy policy covers all the data our Services roll up from you, like your name, phone number, and email address when you sign up. It also includes what we learn about how you use our Services, such as your chat history, whom you interact with, and the stuff you share.

Is BT WhatsApp APK safe?

No, it is not safe as BT WhatsApp APK is one of the many fake versions of WhatsApp that are available online. It is not affiliated with the official WhatsApp app in any way, so you should not trust it with your personal information. The possible risks of this app include data theft or misuse, so it is better to be safe and not use it at all.

Is BT WhatsApp APL illegal or banned?

It has a complex answer. The BT software of WhatsApp is a replacement for the primary app. It was introduced by a third-party creator and had no link to WhatsApp in any way. BT WhatsApp APK, on the other hand, because it permits users to get around some of the limitations obligatory by WhatsApp’s terms of service, has been subjected to regulatory scrutiny in several nations. Using BT WhatsApp APK may be considered a breach of the terms of service for WhatsApp in some situations.

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