WhatsApp Prime APK Download v19.43 Latest Version 2024

WhatsApp Prime APK

It is a modified version of WhatsApp that gives you a lot of features like hiding and locking. It has all those features of having official whats App. It is one of the best WhatsApp mods. It is launched in many versions but Prime is the best version.

WhatsApp Prime APK Download

What is WhatsApp Prime APK?

WhatsApp Prime has extraordinary features so everyone loves to have this version because it has a lot of features. With WhatsApp Prime, you can do video calls, recordings, and many more like anti-revoked messages, and anti-status delete. If you want more features in your WhatsApp, then WhatsApp Prime is worth downloading. This version gives you more security.

How to download WhatsApp Prime APK?

Now you want to download this version to attain a lot of features? Well, you cannot find it on Google Play Store so download the APK file from the website they are available.
Once click on the download. It will take you a few minutes then it will ask you the path you want to download. Now save on the path where you like to download then open WhatsApp Prime. It’s all simple to download your WhatsApp Prime APK.
It is an improved version so it has a lot of features. WhatsApp Prime offers you some additional features to enjoy.

Features of WhatsApp Prime APK:

  1. You can press the call key if it is open
  2. You can send messages but you can press the option not to have a reply.
  3. Media can be viewed without downloading.
  4. You can send video to 70MB.
  5. You can display your images as you have downloaded them.
  6. You can transfer 300 documents easily.
  7. A lot of characters option you can enjoy.
  8. You can hide your status.
  9. You can easily others’ WhatsApp statuses and they will not be informed.
  10. It also has DND mode.

Whatsapp Prime

Advanced Features:

It has an anti-ban function. If any issue will occur in your account, your account will not ban.
It permits you to read and reply to cancel messages. It is the dominant feature of WhatsApp Prime. You can easily reply the deleted messages with this feature.
You can easily download your status with just one click. So you don’t need to download another App to load your status.
Here you also enjoy the anti-status delete option. With this feature, you can easily view the deleted status of your friends and family members.
Customize the theme, fonts, and logos. It gives you more than 100 themes to download. With the help of this feature, you can easily enjoy the different themes and can show them to your friends.
You can hide your groups and chats with the pattern or lock. Now your all chats will be personal no one can see these chats and groups. This is the more secure option in WhatsApp Prime.
If you are online and want to show that you are offline then this version works best. This function is called hiding and freezing. If you will enable this then you can easily freeze what you have last seen.

How to install WhatsApp Prime APK?

To install WhatsApp Prime APK, Follow these steps

Step 1: Go to your setting
Step 2: Allow unknown sources
Step 3: Click to install option on the WhatsApp Prime App.
Step 4: You will have to wait for a few minutes to install.
Step 5: After installing, add your number
Step 6: Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp Prime APK on your phone.
Step 7: Enjoy the features of this wonderful version of WhatsApp.

Advantages of WhatsApp prime APK:

WhatsApp Prime has several interesting features that you cannot find on the official WhatsApp app.
Some of the best features include hiding online status and can read others’ deleted messages. It has a lot of themes to enjoy you.
You can also enjoy reading the deleted status.
So WhatsApp Prime is a great choice to download because it gives you many features that no other version can have.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Prime APK:

This has a feature that can allow the developer to see messages so they can see your data. This issue is not in Official WhatsApp. It has the main privacy issue in this version.

Difference between WhatsApp Prime and Regular WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp Prime has a lot of themes and can easily transfer your large files than on the regular WhatsApp app.
  • WhatsApp Prime lacks privacy than WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Prime has more control over different features while regular WhatsApp does not.
  • WhatsApp prime let’s have features that are not available in the regular WhatsApp app, such as it can hide your
  • status, and can sow your deleted messages and status.
  • WhatsApp Prime is a modified version to enjoy the best features.

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WhatsApp prime APK is not a secure App. The developer can easily read your data. It is a big concern to have this version than the regular WhatsApp.

Privacy Policy:

They have improved their security features.
Features in WhatsApp Prime are available for free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Is WhatsApp Prime APK safe?
  2. Yes, WhatsApp Prime security is updated. Now you are more secure to have this App.
  3. Why should I use WhatsApp Prime APK?
  4. The reasons that you might want to use WhatsApp prime its features. Whatever your reason to use WhatsApp
  5. Prime is a boundless option for those who want a new version with lots of amazing features.

How you can update WhatsApp Prime APK?

Go to the setting then allow unknown sources. Now Install the App. As it is installed open it and the updated version is on your way.

Is WhatsApp Prime ban-proof?

Yes, it is ban-proof. Your account cannot be banned anytime. You are secure.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for countless features such as anti-ban, anti-status, and anti-message delete options, then this version of WhatsApp is the perfect option for you. With all the features you can enjoy better WhatsApp to use. You can even lock your chats so that no one can have access to your chats and groups.

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